All Natural Premium Quality Black Raisins (Kishmish) - 250 Ge

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  • Gluten Free & 100% Vegan - Plant Based Protein.Good for an active life style, perfect for snacking Hearts best friend, contains oleic acid, improves cardiovascular system
  • PRODUCT FEATURES:Agricultural Produce of United States | No Added Sugar | No Salt | No Preservatives | Vegan | Palm Oil Free | Peanut Free | Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Lactose-Free
  • NUTRITION: Highly Nutritious and source of essential macronutrient,Good for nervous system
  • WAYS TO USE:Suitable for Vegeterians,Vegans, perfect heart healthy snack,blend with milk and have ,high Nutritious food for all.
  • Shelf Life: Best before 6 months from date of manufacturing | Storage: Keep resealed and in cool place to preserve freshness |Type of Container: Zip Lock Kraft Paper


Our Nuticious -Raisins Highly Nutritious and source of essential macronutrient,Having a few raisins every day is good for your stomach,Raisins contain fibres that start to swell in the presence of water,Raisins contain potassium and magnesium in good levels,Raisins have a good amount of iron,Raisins also contain good amounts of calcium which is good for bone health .


Black Raisins also known as dried black grapes. The black raisins are generally used for many Indian deserts and Rice dishes and Kormas. Many Indian cooks prefer to use the golden raisins for some Indian sweets. They make a great low calorie snack and 2 tablespoons of black raisins can be used as one fruit serving. These raisins are black as they contain 34% higher Iron and are really good for people suffering from Anaemia , blood loss and women in their menstrual or pregnancy time. The other health benefits of raisins include relief from constipation, acidosis, anaemia, fever, and relief from sexual dysfunction.


Soaked raisins 

The Benefits of Black Raisins Soaked in Water are just awesome. By soaking black raisins in water enhances their nutritional value as well. Black Raisins are rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium,and fiber. Therefore, they are really beneficial for our body to gain strength and energy. A good amount of sugar is also present in raisins and hence, therefore they are sweet in taste. Let’s know in detail what are the Benefits of Black Raisins Soaked in Water


  • Gluten free & vegan - plant based protein.
  • Sugar free | No added Salt | No Preservatives | Vegan | Palm Oil Free| Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Lactose-Free.
  • Fresh cranberries are nearly 90% water, but the rest are mostly carbs and fiber.


  • NUTRITION: Source of healthy fats and dietary fiber and source of essential macronutrients.
  • Shelf Life: Best before 6 months from date of manufacturing | Storage: Keep resealed and in cool place to preserve freshness | Type of Container: Zip Lock Kraft Paper

Health Benefits Of Black Raisins

Since raisins are high in potassium and low in sodium this makes them an ideal part of a heart healthy diet.  The fiber in raisins, combined with other food from plants high in fiber, helps to regulate intestinal function and proper elimination.


Relief from constipation

When ingested, raisins swell because the fiber present in has shrunk in a raisin’s dried form, but it will begin to swell due to the body’s natural fluids. This adds bulk to the food moving through the intestinal tract and ultimately helps provide relief from constipation. The type of fiber in raisins is considered insoluble fiber, because it takes in water and gains volume in that way. Besides reducing constipation, raisins can also help to stop loose stools, again by absorbing the liquid of loose stools and reducing the frequency and unpredictability of diarrhea. 



Contrary to popular belief, In a number of studies, raisins have been shown to lower the postprandial insulin response, which means that after eating a meal, raisins can help the spikes or plunges in insulin levels that can be so dangerous to patients with diabetes. It modulates the sugar absorption by the body, making it more even and stable, reducing the chance of health complications or emergencies for those suffering from both major types of diabetes. Raisins also help to regulate the release of leptin and ghrelin, which are the hormones responsible for telling the body when it is hungry or full. By keeping these hormones in check, people who eat raisins can improve their chances of maintaining a healthy diet and prevent overeating, which further improves chances of living comfortably with diabetes! 


Improves Bone Health

Calcium, which is the main element of our bones, is present in raisins, and these dried fruits are also one of the best sources of Boron, a micronutrient. For those of you who don’t know, a micronutrient is a nutrient required by the body in very small amounts as compared to other nutrients that must be consumed daily in significant amounts. Boron is vital for proper bone formation and efficient absorption of calcium. Boron is particularly helpful in preventing osteoporosis induced by menopause in women and has been shown to be very beneficial for bones and joints. Potassium is another essential nutrient found in high levels in raisins which can help strengthen bones and promote bone growth, thereby reducing the chances of osteoporosis in all types of people. 


 Dental Care

Oleanolic Acid, one of the phytochemicals present in raisins, plays a crucial role in protecting your teeth against tooth decay, cavities, and teeth brittleness. In addition, it is rich in calcium which is good for promoting dental health, as it prevents breaking or peeling teeth and enamel while making them stronger.


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